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NyreePress titles inspire the heart, and gives hope to the hopeless. Our authors are intentional about spreading messages that will help you grow in your journey, no matter where you are. We are so proud of the writers who have taken the leap of faith to get started on their new journey's as authors. On this page, read about the books that are currently in production. If you have any questions about any title below, please contact

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Lost In A Game

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Rise of the Remnant: Book 1 of the Issur Trilogy

Benjamin Tav is a young shepherd desperate for faith and freedom. Both have been taken from him, along with his parents, by King Zimri, a vile devotee of the false god Melek. Bound by a promise to his father, Benjamin must wrestle with doubt to remember the Covenant of the creator Goddess Neshama.  
Benjamin gathers allies along the way like Othniel 'Wayfarer', a wily prophet skilled in ether (eh-ther) magic, and Ashira Keros, a feisty palace cook. Benjamin must come of age and lead the Remnant on a quest to overthrow King Zimri and end the destructive worship of Melek.

Jessika's Dilemma

Jessika thought being married was a fairy tell story until her prince charming turns into a monster and she loses everything because of him. Ten years of abuse has caused love to be replaced with hatred. One day he finds God and now she is once again faced with a situation that will forever change her life. Can she forget ten years of pain like it never happened? Can she forgive the one person she hates the most? Will her faith be enough to get her through this?

Enemy Inside of Me

Nyssa loved being a doctor but she loved pleasing God more. It showed in her lifestyle as she is passionate about helping her clients overcome their disease. One day she is saddled with the same disease she has been fighting but now her love for God has been replaced with anger. Will she have the ability to use her faith to get her through or will she give in to the enemy inside of her. 

Once Upon A Child

Pregnancy loss is something many women experience, according to heartbreaking statistics. The pain is indescribable. There are often many questions that are left unanswered, and hopelessness abounds. In Once Upon A Child, Kennisha Thornton shares her story of having four miscarriages during different stages of development, and how she found hope  in the midst of her heartache. The Foreword is written by her OBGYN, Dr. Roderick P. Diggs, III. 

Good Grief

This journey begins Mid-Winter in the ER of St. John’s Hospital in Grosse Pointe, MI where a young couple receives news the husband who came in with stomach pain leaves with an 11cm mass which is at Stage IV Cancer of the Kidney and has now spread to the Liver.  This diagnosis is closely followed by a series of seven untimely deaths of family members that begin with her father within the same year.  The term good grief has always been associated with pain or a rough time, but it is Natasha’s desire for her readers to understand and search for the good in everything. It will be a wonderful treasure to all who seek it.  It is not for the faint at heart; you will walk with her through this journey of ups and downs. Her pain will be felt and her triumphs will leave a lasting impression as well as the will to live!

Mama's Brown Girls

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Write That Book: Tips for New Authors

Are you looking for a resource to guide you through the steps needed to produce a book from idea to launch? Well, you are holding a highly-anticipated resource that will guide you through the steps of bringing your book to life, from concept to marketing. Take a look inside, and get started on your book idea!


As for Me, I Swam and I Crossed

In Munu Un Dle Da Syi: As for Me, I Swam and I Crossed,  Jestina Tarley Bright shares stories about her life growing up in Liberia, and getting pregnant before marriage and facing some challenges with life in her Liberian culture. This is a story of strength, courage and finding God's grace in the midst of adversity. 

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