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NyreePress titles inspire the heart, and gives hope to the hopeless. Our authors are intentional about spreading messages that will help you grow in your journey, no matter where you are. On this page, read about the titles that are currently in production. If you have any questions about any title below, please contact

Little Lulu Has A Sweet Tooth

This book is about a giraffe name Little LuLu who has found a way to eat candy and sweets. She no longer wants the food that giraffes as suppose to eat. LuLu is becoming a junk food junkie! You will fall in love with Little LuLu, as we uncover her painful little secret called a sweet tooth. Linda is taking a creative approach to a serious subject, cavities.

Write That Book: Tips for New Authors

Are you looking for a resource to guide you through the steps needed to produce a book from idea to launch? Well, you are holding a highly-anticipated resource that will guide you through the steps of bringing your book to life, from concept to marketing. Take a look inside, and get started on your book idea!


The Walk

“The Walk - A 14 Day Daily Devotional of Worship” is designed as a journal that allows you to track and reflect on your progress in the continuing “Walk” to fulfill your purpose of working with youth.  Although this devotional is designed with youth ministry workers in mind, it can be used by anyone longing for a closer walk with the Lord through worship.   


Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a follow up book of Project Cross: Lessons from living for self to living for Christ and deals with the different stages and seasons we go through as Christians right from the second we finish the prayer of repentance. With Biblical reference, Chain reaction explains the repercussions of the disease that is sin, the cure that came on the cross and the freedom as a result thereof. Chain Reaction offers practical tips on how to press on in the new relationship with Christ and covers some of the mental, spiritual, social and emotional struggles that come with a new life in Christ that we are often plagued with. With personal testimonies and ‘prison’ tales, Maria Mmari vulnerably and authentically throughout stays true to the central theme of chains, imprisonment and uses this as an allegory for the spiritual life and how we react to the newfound freedom in Christ.

My Granny Says

My Granny Says is a children's book about manners. Granny teaches valuable lessons to help our young readers learn how to be polite, and treat others with love and respect. This is the first children's book by Marie Hillard.

Eli the Caterpillar

Eli the Caterpillar enjoys sitting on his leaf and enjoying nature. One day, he notices features that were found on a beautiful lady bug, a bumble bee and an ant. Eli became sad and thought he wasn't as beautiful as they were. After a conversation with the Father and a little time goes by, he realizes that the Father created him to be very special. The lesson in Eli the Caterpillar, by Sade Shields,  will inspire children to know they were fearfully and wonderfully made. 

As for Me, I Swam and I Crossed

In Munu Un Dle Da Syi: As for Me, I Swam and I Crossed,  Jestina Tarley Bright shares stories about her life growing up in Liberia, and getting pregnant before marriage and facing some challenges with life in her Liberian culture. This is a story of strength, courage and finding God's grace in the midst of adversity. 


Arise: A 21-Day Devotional

How you start your day, sets the pace for your day! This 21-Day Morning Devotional was created to help women set the pace for their day by starting off their morning the right way! In this devotional, LaToya will provide clarity on “What is an Affirmation?” and “How to utilize them”. LaToya teaches that, by meditating upon God’s Promises, along with aligning your words with His Truth, not only are you commanding the course of your day before it starts, but you’re setting yourself up for success! Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Be empowered to stretch beyond your self-imposed limits. 



Grits and the Grimels

The Grits and the Grimels series is a comical fiction series of illustrated children's books aimed at introducing your kids in the urban context to key doctrines of the Christian faith in fun, entertaining and culturally engaging ways. The books are told from the point of view of a narrator, who chronicles a breakfast-loving city kid nicknamed Grits, as he is befriended by the Grimel family. The Grimes parents and their kids have moved into the neighborhood which Grits lives to help start a new church in the community.

New revised _3 (2).JPG

The Sun Has Risen

Orphaned in childhood, sisters Angora and Pala were rescued from the harrowing aftermath of their parents’ mysterious murders. Loved and raised by their Aunt Safsa as her own daughters, their closeness proves detrimental to Safsa’s relationship with her only daughter Rambie.

Rambie rebelliously seeks love from her abusive boyfriend and finds herself face to face with a life-altering decision. Angora, the “calm” within the turbulent family storm, secretly and protectively enables more storms outside of home. Pala’s feistiness catapults her into a predicament requiring her to think quickly on her feet. Aunt Safsa, the matriarch, must continue to keep the family strong and intact following the death of her beloved husband. However, she finds herself dangerously shattering the fine and delicate line of loving her nieces and daughter equally.

Will the women be able to unite and heal with God’s guidance?

The Sun Has Risen journeys through obstacles of loss, rejection, pain, and love as a return to faith in God help transcend insurmountable odds. The same obstacles unearth hidden treasures leading the way to the freedom of God’s endless grace and love.


Four Attempts: A Story of Courage, Faith and the Will to Survive

From being a young migrant worker, to being a U.S. Army soldier and working for the Central Intelligence Agency-- 90 year old WW2 veteran, Oliver Howell's experiences with  adventure and thrill will inspire you. But, throughout his journey, there is one thing that seemed to follow him; attempts on his life. Living and working overseas through some of the toughest times in history, Oliver Howell has learned to stay the course, keep the faith and maintain the will to survive. In Four Attempts, you'll read a spectacular story that will inspire you to know that you can keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles try to take you down.


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