What Qualifies You as a Writer

Some days, you just feel like you don’t have anything important to say. Maybe you feel inadequate and wonder what makes you so special that YOU, of all people, should be giving others advice.     

I’ll tell you why you are qualified.

There’s only one you and there’s only one of YOUR voices out there for the world to hear.

If you have the inkling to write, then that is exactly what you should be doing, and pronto! Not everyone has this gift. Others are talented painters. Some are great at statistics. And you are a writer. So that means you should be writing. It’s a simple notion, really.

That does not mean it’s a simple task, though. But if everything in life was simple, you wouldn’t take pride in your true accomplishments. And writing your masterpiece is one of those tasks that you should truly strive to accomplish.

You may feel under-qualified to give advice to others, especially in the permanent format of the written word. However, you are living your life and developing your own life experiences, and why shouldn’t you write about that? It is your story.

Plus that’s really how everyone learns, is through doing it or going through it themselves or learning from others. Every other guru started out as a novice, but they strove to be considered experts in their fields, and so can you.

You have something to say, and someone out there needs to hear it.     Believe that the universe and God work in mysterious ways, and that this is bigger than you and goes much further than yourself. If you have a calling, you need to answer it, and the only right answer is “YES”. Not, “In a little while,” or “No,” but 100 percent, absolutely, without a doubt, “YES.”

Say yes for yourself and say yes for all the other writers that failed to say yes to themselves. Because if you think about it, this answer is not just answering to you. If it’s a calling, then there are greater powers at work. Do you want to be the one to refuse God’s small whisper? Only you can answer that question.

And I realize that it’s difficult not to put pressure on yourself to achieve a specific outcome. Just because you are called to do something, does not guarantee a specific outcome, and this is imperative to remember. If you want to be published, pray about it. Work on it. Write your story. I don’t care if it’s 100 drafts, just do it. But NEVER, EVER place any “guaranteed” expectations on your skill.

If your piece doesn’t get published, chalk it up to experience. You can only improve with time if you are truly practicing and striving towards your goal of becoming a writer.

You may feel like a fraud, but don’t let self-doubt get in the way. You are telling YOUR story, so there’s no wrong way to do that. Let your voice be heard.

You may also question the validity of writing something that is speaking to you, when there are similar messages out there.

Let’s break this down ~

Not everyone is going to read all of those messages. People are drawn to different books, articles, magazines, newspapers, blogs, Twitter, etc. You get the picture. Just because a similar message exists does not discount your personal experience, and does not mean that your message won’t be read by others. This is not an excuse to not write YOUR account.

Let’s narrow this logic even further. Have you read every book? Of course not! So don’t think everyone else has either. Your account may be the reader’s first encounter with your particular message. What a wonderful notion that is! Words are powerful and you have the power to influence others, hopefully with some positivity.

I guess what I’m trying to say is stay strong in your path.  Remain positive and diligently work towards your goals. Work hard to keep the negativity at bay, as most people are their own worst critics, and remember to believe in your ability. Believe in your quest and your dream. Tell yourself that you can accomplish what you’ve been called by the Higher Power to do.

You’ve got this, fellow writer! I believe in you.

Happy writing,



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