Top Three Reasons Why You Should Write A Memoir

by Kennisha Hill

Memoirs, commonly associated with autobiographies, are typically written by (or told by) celebrities, politicians, pastors, and people who've had rare jaw-dropping experiences to share. People who've climbed Mount Everest or walked on the moon or led world-wide movements like Malala often have chilling personal accounts that are sure to inspire us. We enjoy hearing about acts of courage, triumphs after trials and victories after war. But, who's to say that day-to-day stories shouldn't be told and won't leave a lasting impression too? More and more writers are starting to realize that their own personal stories do matter, and they are taking a leap of faith to tell their experiences with hopes of inspiring readers around the world. 

Here are three reasons why you should consider writing a memoir:

1. An experience in your life has birthed a desire to help someone else who face the same struggle.

This may be the top reason people write memoirs. Whatever experience you encountered, you may feel a strong unquenchable desire to help other's overcome it too. You realize you are not the only one who walked through such a journey, and there are many more out there in need of encouragement. Your story may help them understand that they, too, are not alone.

2. Your story is already inspiring readers through your blog or in your community.

I've had many writers approach me saying, "People I don't even know have heard about my story and they think I should write it in a book." If you have had this type of response from non-family members and friends, that's great news! One way to test this theory is to create a blog, write posts and build your audience. If you're already touching hearts, this may be a great opportunity to reach more. And if you do receive amazing support, consider writing and publishing it.

3. You have gone through a needed healing process, and want others to Be Healed Too.

This type of creative non-fiction writing is often led by trauma. And in some cases, it may take many years before you can release something so personal and traumatic. Once you reach that place of freedom and healing, you may be compelled to write your story and focus on reaching readers specifically for that purpose. Writing is therapeutic, and writing a painful memory to help other's experience healing is truly remarkable.

We are living in a world where hurt seems like the norm. So, if you have faced and overcome a trial and desire to see someone else set free, sharing your story in a memoir may be the best way to do so. It shows that you are willing to use a painful experience to help someone else. Your story could change someone's life.

What are a few reasons you think people should share their story?

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