Moms, You Are Cherished

by Kennisha Hill

by Kennisha Hill

Every mother's day, I think of all mothers around the world who work hard to make sure children are safe, well-nurtured and loved. It's a gift, and it comes with great responsibility. Often times, mothering leaves us feeling whipped, overwhelmed, overextended and exhausted. As a mom to four children-- ages two to seven-- I experience every type of emotion possible in any given day. I often laugh and tell my husband, "The children are winning!" 

I am constantly chasing a toddler, cleaning up toys, teaching, dancing, playing with cars, dolls, coloring, bouncing balls, making mess with them, then cleaning it up, painting, laughing, crying, and stressing. My new favorite is, "talking" with my almost six year old about her day. She's VERY descriptive and loves to engage in conversation. The moment I ask, "Kerissa, so, what happened at school today?" She instantly begins spilling it all with great passion regardless if it's good or bad.

"Mom, so......(she holds the "so" for a minute, then takes a deep breath), today at school we did this.. and then my friend did that... and I made this... and this was cool.... and this was funny... and this was crazy.... so crazy it made me laugh..." Then she laughs, and I laugh too. 

And I lay beside her in bed listening to her little heart... a little heart that trust me with her words, and confides in me-- that looks for my ear, my excitement and my tender affection. In moments like those, I pray tears of thanks and ask to keep this connection-- her trust in me, and that I maintain such intentionality in my heart that I always desire to hear about all of their days, good and bad, and walk through life with those precious little people and raise them well. We go through all kinds of extremes and wear many hats every single day. Isn't it amazing?

Mothering is not a job.

It's a part of who we are. 

It's embedded in our hearts, and grows as a deeper mission in every stage of motherhood.

It's a huge part of the purpose the Lord has given to us. 

It doesn't define us, but it is largely a part of who we are. We always mother-- our children and the community of children around us. We don't just care for our own. We care for all children. We mother unto the glory of God to raise amazing people who will be all that they were created to be, and we want to see all children thrive, and safe and well.

Mothering shows us who we are as women. It encourages us as we move forward in our lives. It inspires us to be better women. It helps us think of others more than ourselves, and yet, it helps us carefully consider ourselves. If we don't take care of ourselves, we won't be able to take care of anyone else. 

There are so many types of moms out there. We all walk in different shoes, and have different struggles and joys. No matter what type of mom you are, know that you are loved and deeply cherished-- by the Lord-- and by a community of women who applaud you for being you.

So... (holding it, like Kerissa)...

To the mom who works out of the home, inside of the home or not at all-- to the mom who's an entrepreneur, to the mom who's in college, to the mom who's on mission trips, to the mom who's in the military, to the mom who travels for a living, to the single mom, adoptive mom, fostering mom, mom-at-heart, Grandmother (Grandma, MiMi, Nana, Grammy, Grandy, etc), to the mom who's a pastor's wife, to the mom who's and actress in Hollywood, to the mom who's homeless, to the mom who's sick, to the mom who lives in a tiny village without many resources, to the mom who's a millionaire, to the mom who's very poor, to the mom who's caring for everyone else's mom, to the mom who lost her mom, to the mom who's lost her babies, and to the millions of mom's I missed...

You are loved. You are cherished. May you know this deep in your heart, and never forget it. Thank you for being you.

Happy Mother's Day



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