book writing is a team effort

Assemble your squad.

We think of our squad as people who has our backs, cares about our well-being and who walks through life with us. 

This is community.

Community is essential for writing and producing a book. It takes a squad (team) to successfully write and launch one. Doing it alone is possible, but it's more beneficial if you had the backing of a team who's rooting for your success. Here are the benefits:

1. Creates accountability: When you writing a book for the first time, it's a good idea to seek readers of your work. Readers, even during the first draft stage, provide a lot of encouragement. Your squad should want to see you succeed and reach your dreams. This helps you stay focused and pursue your goal of having it completed. If someone criticizes you and discourages you, they are not a part of your team.

2. Offers honest critique: Let's face it, as new writers, we may not know much about developing a plot for a novel, or consistency if we're writing non-fiction. Your squad can help by giving you the real truth about how it sounds. Ask for an honest critique. Most readers will be unbiased- even if it is your mother.

3. Supports your efforts: Your true squad will not only say they support your upcoming book, but they will put their time, energy and money where their mouth is. They'll be the first ones to order a copy of your book. 

4. Celebrates your success: Your squad celebrates you. They will have seen the hard work, sacrifice and dedication that you put towards your book, and they will easily celebrate your accomplishment! They are proud of you. They want to see you write more!

Consider who can be a part of your squad. If you can't find them among your family and friends, join free writing groups! There are tons of them out there- online and in person.Choose wisely, then enjoy the process with the ones you love!

"This is a resource I've created to educate, inspire and empower aspiring authors who are tip-toeing around the idea of writing their books, and need inspiration and guidance. Each chapter is packed with critical thinking questions,  writing guides and will equip them to move forward and get it done!"

- Kennisha Thornton.

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